• Color Restoration

    Senior Colorist Jim Wicks color restores classic motion pictures. Jim has color restored 100s of classic films from the 1930s to the 1980s. Helping to preserve classic films for a new generation of film fans.

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  • Features

    Senior Colorist Jim Wicks is a leading colorist working in Latin-American feature films. Jim’s strong visual sense and use of color help create a film’s mood, and tone. Jim uses color to help tell the story.

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  • Television

    Senior Colorist Jim Wicks color grades television episodics, from scripted shows to reality TV. Jim’s goal is to preserve the image captured in camera, and help tell the story through the use of color.

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  • Commercials

    Senior Colorist Jim Wicks is a top go-to colorist for Creative Agencies to color grade commercials. Jim uses color to protect the commercial’s product, just like he does with the movies he color grades.

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Welcome to JW COLOR

 Senior Colorist Walter "Jim" Wicks is JW COLOR. Jim is a South Florida-based colorist serving Latin America, Hollywood, and the rest of the world. The body of his work is diverse. Jim is a creative artist with 20 years experience color restoring classic motion pictures, primarily 100s of classic motion pictures from the Golden Age of Mexican Cinema. Jim also color grades feature films, episodic television, and commercials.

Work with Me

I am a premiere color artist working in both the Spanish and English markets since 2005. My clients are creative agencies, film producers, and film historians who demand the very best. And I deliver!

I have worked in the Film and Television Industry for the past 40 years. I started in production. In 2005 I moved into postproduction, and have been color grading ever since..

I am passionate about color and how it can help evoke a mood and affect the tone of a story. The DP is the author of the image. I am one part of a large team of creatives using moving images to tell the best story we can.

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