BIO of Senior Colorist Jim Wicks

Jim Wicks is an independent Senior Colorist working in Features, Television, Commercials, and Film Preservation. Jim has color graded and supervised the grading for projects in both English and Spanish. His work can be seen throughout the United States, as well as in Cuba, Mexico, and South America.
Jim has had a long career in motion picture and television production, but his color career began in 2007 quickly becoming a top Color/Finishing Artist. He is well-known and respected for his work color restoring the Golden Age of Mexican Cinema.
Jim’s color suite is located in beautiful South Florida.

“I begin every project with a question: what does this film want to look like? Clients often say their inspiration was someone else’s film. But. The color of Gone Girl does not work in Star Wars. The color of The Godfather will not work in Arrival. You see what I mean? Each film has its own color palette. My job is to help my clients find the color world their film belongs in.”

The early days of television formed the basis of Jim’s film education. Watching TV was only the beginning. His father was a Cinematographer, an early member of the CSC, and Martin Scorsese’s film professor at NYU. Jim was introduced early on to the way movies and television shows are made. btw – that’s a young Jim in the photo on the right, taken by his father: circa 1959.

“Growing up we didn’t live near a movie theater. Television was my portal into the world of classic movies and television shows. Over 40 years later, I still love my job. Wasted time in front of the tube? Hardly! It got me a full time career: first, in production. For a time, on camera. And ultimately, in post-production.”