I owe a lot to Jack Tunnicliffe, or “Java Jack” as he is affectionately called. Jack built Java Post from an idea into a powerhouse post engine in Regina, Saskatchewan. Java Post built a solid reputation as the go-to post house in western Canada. 

Jack taught me the ropes of being a Senior Colorist. I have told him many times, and will continue to do so for many years to come: from one Senior Colorist to another: “Thanks, Jack!”

Java Post was the post home to a wonderful Canadian comedy classic, “Corner Gas.” But every day at 4:01 pm, all work stopped at Java Post for a glass of beer and to hit the pause button to savor the day’s accomplishments. Jack’s team called it “the four-oh-one.” 

When you walk through the front door of Java Post, you might think you’re walking into a boutique creative agency in Los Angeles or New York. Fellow creatives immediately feel at home here. But Java Post is more than a building. The heart of Java Post is the people who work here. They are family. 

I measure the value of my life not by the movies I have color restored, or features or commercials I have color graded. I measure it by the people I meet along the way. People who make this world just a little bit better. Like the late comedian Bill Hicks said, “enjoy the ride!” And thanks to people like Jack, it is easy to.

From let to right, Jack Tunnicliffe, Jim Wicks, Brent Evans enjoying a 4:01