About Me

I am a premiere color artist working in both the Spanish and English markets since 2005. The landscape of my work is as colorful as the pallet of colors that I work with, and the diverse films I work on. I have color restored 100s of classic motion pictures from the Golden Age of Mexican Cinema.

It is a privilege to color restore classic motion pictures starring María Félix, Pedro Armendariz, Miroslava, Katy Jurado, Silvia Pinal, Germán Valdés, "Tin Tan," Fernando Soler, Arturo de Córdova, René Cardona among others.

My color restoration work includes film noir, drama, comedy, and musicals directed by some of the best film directors from the 1930s to the 1980s, such as Roberto Gavaldón, Luis Buñuel, Juan Orol, Fernando de Fuentes, and many more.

Today’s filmmakers call on me to help treat their films and television episodics with the same creative artistry and attention to detail. My work can be seen on television in Cuba, in theaters in Mexico, and on OTT from Latin America to Canada.

When it comes to color grading commercials, creative agencies know my color philosophy. In the movies, Tom Cruise is the hero. In a commercial, the product is the hero, and deserves the same creative color treatment as a major Hollywood production.

I am proud of the color work I have completed on behalf of my many clients: film historians, established producers, and creative agencies.

JW Color

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Jim Wicks

Senior Colorist

Jim Wicks is a South Florida-based colorist serving Latin America, Hollywood, and the world. For nearly 2 decades Jim has color restored 100s of classic motion pictures, color graded Latin American television episodics, and TV commercials. Big screen, little screen, web, OTT, or network. 

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Color Accurate

Calibrated Color Suite

You can be assured that your project will be color accurate when it returns to you. The JW Color Suite is calibrated to be 100% accurate. Jim uses the award-winning Flanders Scientific grading monitor. The color you see on this monitor is what you'll get. Jim also uses Divergent Media's ScopeBox for accurate scope readings. 

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Color Perfect

Color The Way You Want It

Jim will color grade your project the way you want it. He will offer suggestions you might have overlooked, but he will never make your project his project. Jim's approach is collaborative. This requires listening to what you want, and listening to what the film or video is saying. Jim is the bridge to making your film come alive.