Senior Colorist Jim Wicks, CSI

Jim looks forward to speaking with you about your project’s specific color needs. Every project Jim works on begins with these questions:

  • Camera(s) used in production
  • Format and codec
  • Did you edit natively, use transcodes, technical specifics
  • Final deliverable: is your project for theatrical, broadcast, web?
  • Are there imaging issues such as, extreme color issues, noise, etc.

One of the many services that JW Color provides is color restoring or preserving classic motion pictures. Jim has a long history of bringing time-ravaged 35mm motion pictures back to life. Be they color, or – his favorite – black and white.

Jim enjoys helping independent and student filmmakers just getting started, but he can only donate a small percentage of his time per year to lo/no budget projects. He is happy to offer discounted rates, but you should have a color budget. Jim is proud of the work he has completed on behalf of his clients:

  • Major Studios
  • Established Producers
  • Television Networks
  • Creative Agencies
  • Independent Filmmakers