Jim is proud of the work he has completed on behalf of his clients:

  • Creative Agencies
  • Established Producers
  • Television Networks
  • Independent Filmmakers

Jim looks forward to speaking with you about your project’s specific color needs. In preparation, please have answers to the following questions readily available for discussion. Every project Jim works on begins here:

Please Have Answers to These Questions
  • Camera(s) used in production
  • Format and codec
  • Did you edit natively, use transcodes, technical specifics
  • Final deliverable: is your project for theatrical, broadcast, web?
  • Are there imaging issues such as, extreme color issues, noise, etc.

One of the many services that JW Color provides is color restoring classic motion pictures. Jim has a long history of bringing time-ravaged 35mm motion pictures back to life. Be they color, or – his favorite – black and white. The films he works on are digital intermediates, motion pictures that have been transferred from 35mm to 2K or 4K uncompressed DPX. And while some people use the term, ‘restoration,’ Jim prefers to use ‘preservation.’

“To me, preservation means I am restoring the film as close to its original state as possible, and preserving it for generations to come for a new movie fans. The audience may not be there when I finish with the film …but the film will be ready for them when they are.”

Jim enjoys helping independent and student filmmakers just getting started, but he can only donate a small percentage of his time per year to lo/no budget projects. He is happy to offer discounted rates, but you should have a color budget nonetheless.

Jim does not work on music videos, unless they feature an established artist, and are produced by the artist’s management company or record label.