Author: Walter Wicks


Who Inspires You?

Yeah. That’s me. They always said you could find me watching TV. I love movies. And when I was a small kid, my family lived in a tiny suburb of Halifax, Nova Scotia, on Canada’s eastern coastline. There wasn’t a movie theater anywhere near us, so I grew up watching […]


Thank you, Marty!

Shortly after my father passed away from complications due to Alzheimer’s I received a lovely personal letter from the director, Martin Scorsese. My father always called him, Marty. Martin Scorsese always called my father, Professor Wicks. My father was a DP working in Canada in the early 1960s when he […]


The House That Jack Built

I owe a lot to Jack Tunnicliffe, or “Java Jack” as he is affectionately called. Jack built Java Post from an idea into a powerhouse post engine in Regina, Saskatchewan. Java Post built a solid reputation as the go-to post house in western Canada.  Jack taught me the ropes of […]